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Awesome game!

Awsome what you have achieved in 15 hours. It took 20mins out of my working day playing it :)

Love your 10min. YouTube vids and I am a big fan of yours Imphenzia.

Can't wait to play Lin War game. When can we play test it?

If I could do my game dev a fraction of the time it takes you I would be extremely happy.

Hey, thanks! What depth did you reach? =) Thanks for your kind words, happy to be able to create and share content. If you look up Line War on YouTube, there is a Discord link there and if you join the Line War discord server you can ask for Alpha-testing access :) Take care!

I got down to 9m. It does have an addictive quality to it. Maybe i'll have another go :)

I love it! Simple but very engaging.

Thanks - hopefully it'll play on some peoples need to just "go a bit deeper" and beat their own record, haha.