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Blót is the term for "sacrifice" in Norse paganism.

Game Objective

In this game you need to please the gods by sacrificing wood and crop for the path to open. Thor will use thunder and lightning to ensure you don't drag your feet.

Player Control

1. Use A/D (or Left/Right Arrow) to run.
2. Space to Jump.
3. Left Ctrl to chop wood and harvest crop.
4. Make sure you have enough to offer when you reach a runestone.

SpeedRun Competition!

SpeedRun Leader Board (updated every now and then)

  1. Secret Pocket Cat (1:44:926)
  2. Hagge (2:55:897)
  3. Imphenzia (3:28:729) (Imphenzia's Run) - This doesn't count btw, I can't win anything =)

Making Of

This game was made from scratch in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 43. The theme for LD43 was "Sacrifices must be made"

* 3D modeling and animations made in Blender
* Music made in Cubase
* Game made in Unity3D
* Sound Effects made with Sony PCM M10 Recorder and edited in Sound Forge

Watch the narrated timelapse recorded while making this game:

4th December: I have also added a WebGL version and I based that on the CompoVersion to support widescreen and not cause the screen to freeze up too much during lightning strikes. For the best experience, I recommend the download version as it has better performance and sound.

I have added a new download version of the game ( - the new version contains the following changes:

Major Bug Fixes: * You can now press OK when the game has finished to return to the menu * Fixed UI scaling to support ultra-wide monitors so content wasn't invisible

Changes: * Added a timer on play UI screen and end screen to support speed run competitions * Added a Quit button in the main menu for your convenience * Pooled lightning strikes as instantiating them caused lag on some machines * Hid mouse cursor during game play for better screen recording

Updated 14 hours ago
Published 16 days ago
Made withUnity
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This is one of the most impressive games I've seen submitted to compos. The sounds, the effects, the setting, it's so very atmospheric. And it also gets quite challenging at times.

Some of the jumping was finicky, though. It's very easy to die in specific spots because the jumpings can get very tricky, but that actually felt so good with the setting of the game. As in, the rain, clouds and thunder did make it feel like an urgency. Stopping to chop wood only added to it.

There's a lot of greatness to be found in Blót. [My team]( are going to love it when they get a chance to play it. Keep up the good work, and, again, excellent compo entry!

Thanks, I appreciate the kind comments! I had missed to reply to this post, but I did join your discord for a chat and I like the game you submitted too =)

Nice game! I like the atmosphere / art style. There is one thing that I didn't like was the "win" animation at the end of each "stage". The animation was blocking my controls to move forward :P

Thanks, happy you like it! =) Hey, one shall not rush the ceremony to make sacrifices to the Norse gods :)

Haha, nice reply ;)

To say that this was made in 48 hours, you did a great job. The graphics are great, the audio is great and froma chanllange point of view, it's there from the position of each platform to jumping and even avoiding the Spikes which have different timings.

Well done


Hey - that was fun to watch. Glad you liked the game and I was thrilled to see that difficulty and timing worked out and that the spike caught you at times =) This was the first play through of the game that I am aware of since I didn't have time to test through before the release deadline. Thanks again!