I am making this game for fun, and I'm also making a YouTube video tutorial series about making this game.

You can play the game in a browser, or download the Windows version of you scroll to the bottom of the page (Win version supports XBox Controller). Also, the WebGL version has glitchy audio looping so the engine loop is a bit annoying - get the Win version instead if that is sending you mental =)

If you enjoy the videos and/or the game - please consider a small donation if you want to support this project and the video series.

It all started when I challenged myself to model 10 cars in 10 minutes in Blender, here's that video - check it out and watch me panic =)

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

In the current version, you can only do some hot laps for fun. I'll be adding AI, more cars and tracks, and other features as the video series goes on!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Low-poly, skid-marks, super-cars, Top-Down


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i got a 17,580 sec. can do better but i'll stop here for now.

wow this is such a good game and tutorial

it has helped me alot with my game design

Hi. I followed your tutorial and made this. https://codexpider.itch.io/low-poly-horizon-2

Hi there, I want to say a big THANK YOU for the series you made. I learned a lot from you.
I was hoping that the source will be included.
I followed all the videos and made a game that is pretty much like yours but without smoke/skid marks and the physics is not even good as yours and I'm willing to do that. I hope you are making a video about it. 

The blender tips video was amazing, I can't tell you how many jaw-dropping moments I went through while watching. A lot of useful tricks.

Keep it up. 

Thank you


I really loved the game  :) .  I have completed 30 laps already and my best lap time is 38 seconds.

And the tutorials were also good and inspiring . I want to do blender now :)

Anyways, Thumbs Up! 

Loving the series, would be great to see you continue on with it one day.  Thanks for the great content :)


I finally played it, it's really cool

One improvement you can make to make it better is the camera angle

When we're viewing it from the top the controls would be a bit confusing

But very nice game though, I'm planning to create my very first using your tutorials

I haven't played the game yet but I watched the tutorial, it was so amazing

It inspired me into game development

Thanks man for the great work

Could I get the project file?

This game looks great and your videos are an inspiration. But the controls of the game are really not the best ;-)


0:20,560... I can't be faster than that... very hard game ! It was a pleasure to see you create this ! amazing !

The controller controls are weird hers are controls i would do (forward=right bumper, Backwards=left bumper, Steering=left joystick) other than that the game is amazing

Any way to disable joystick input? I'm trying to play with the keyboard but because my "joystick" (actually my sim rig) is attached the car just goes full throttle to the left all the time. There seems no way to remove the "Horizontal" and "Vertical" entries in the Input tab at startup, they are showing Joystick 0 Axis 0 and Joystick 0 Axis 1 and I suspect this is the problem.

Really cool game :)

After long time I started Unity too and started work on car game (was not really sure what I wanted to achieve) - then I found your youtube channel :) Lot of inspiration :) then I found out it is not finalized yet so I each time waiting for new "episode" :)

My game is now on similar stage but it is visible that I do not have such experience in modeling as you do :) (but I'm better software developer :) ). I like your low poly style.

And I think I did checkpoints better :) at least what I miss in your game that are visible checkpoints and indication if you did go through it.

Good luck and really thanks for your videos...

wow car controls is wild hard, love it. hot lap 22.980 11 laps, i forgot to record =P

btw great job, that series inspire me to try my first top down racing. the charm of this type of racing amazing me, thanks for sharing, and staysafe

Good game! Already subscribed to your channel! Please make restart button/end game condition, I've fallen out of the platform and now traveling in space.

cool! Hit esc to get a menu or R to reset the car for now :)

Very nice game. I love your low poly graphics. You are the best. You make me to start learning blender!!! In game now i notice that if the car goes in water and keep going from there, the car moves out of the game . i have a pic attached.

Thanks! =) Yes, about a billion bugs :)