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The new Android version of this game is about to be released - check it out. I've been making this during evenings since Ludum Dare ended.

Hey guys! Winners are: Best score AmDMaster $50, Funniest attempt: Spudcats $20! Please provide me with your PayPal mail addresses so I can send the $$ =) Please reach out via twitter if possible, @Imphenzia - I have a 500 email backlog I am about to attack (mostly spam).

Hey, I will be checking the videos for the competition tonight and announce the winners =)

Hi is the competition over who's the winner..?? Btw nice game loved the concept and the art style... Keep doing this type of games

Nice! :)

Great Concept!

This is like the first world problems subreddit meets Tertis!  Made it to $2047.

$612 (Great Game!)

Good Game!

It this allowed I broke my own record xD (I guess it's allowed it's said in the desc. above) 

The new record is $11764, Can't believe Myself

Hi this is AmDMaster, 

And I have a submission to make, I just crushed the old record of 5632 and the new record is 

9749 for this August session competition, Contact me at  (If I won)

Here's the link of the video:

Thank you for organizing a competition...

Parking guards are serious!

Enjoyed the game with a very simple idea   Parking Spaces- 0:21

I am making a new version of this game by the way - aiming to release it on mobile 1st September =)

Awesome - keep the videos coming!! =) I should say that you don't get any scores for the gates by the way - that is just used as a last resort if run out of parking spaces. I should have made that clear in the game probably!

This is my wife's record - 5632

Made a video

Nice simple mechanic!

Very good game!


Hey, this is pretty neat! Darn those cars that look one space long at first but you commit and LO AND BEHOLD IT'S TWO SPACES LONG ;-;

Thanks. Yes, those catch me out too! =)