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Park cars by swiping left/right/forward and make sure they don't crash into each other! Tow cars by swiping down. Unlock new levels and new cars but most important of all - set a super cool highscore!

Parking Spaces is a remake of my Ludum Dare 42 game with the same name. If you are looking for the Ludum Dare version you can find it here: https://imphenzia.itch.io/parking-spaces-ld42

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Release  it in PC :(

Is this game still available on the Play Store? It looks the game doesn't exists anymore.


Hi! It was removed by Google due to a missing privacy statement connected to ads - they changed their policy. I have to update the game and push out a new release for it to appear again but I haven't had a chance to release it yet. Thanks for showing interest!