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Volatile Physics
I'm implementing some safety features around the track like fences and tire barriers. Safety should come first, but as it sits right now it seems to be far away...
Improving the track visuals
I am still in the process of updating the visuals of the game by modeling more low poly content. I am looking forward to focusing on game mechanics again soon b...
Low Poly Stones
I'm now in the process of making low poly stones in Blender and I thought I'd share a quick tutorial / how-to video while I'm at it...
More low poly content
I decided to spend some more time to create low poly art for the game. Even though it is in early stage of development and a lot is yet to be created in terms o...
Low Poly Trees
I am modeling loads of lowpoly trees in Blender. I find it to be quite relaxing and nearly therapeutic =) So far I've made 12 trees but with 4 variations of eac...
Damage Model
I updated the Blender file for the car to improve the hierarchy, parts, and pivot points for the car. I re-imported it into my project and spent some time addin...
Time Scale Increase to 150%
I've been fighting with the idea of increasing the speed of the game to reflect that it is a arcade-like top-down racer. The reason *why* I have been fighting w...
Engine Audio
I've been researching techniques for engine audio and I have narrowed it down to a few options: 1. Pitch Shift Engine Loop A simple engine loop which is pitch s...
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I just want to know if this project is dead or if u have plans for it
started by Known Kreatives Oct 21, 2021
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soo ive been looking at this game and wondering can this game be downloaded or is it just being developed still just ask...
started by dirtbikeriderdillon Jul 09, 2020
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It was created and last updated nearly 2 years ago. I seen if from your YouTube channel a while back and just now "refou...
started by Apins Mar 18, 2020
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Would you like to collaborate? I am a M.Sc. student with the interest in deep learning and I would like to train an AI t...
started by roboserg Feb 27, 2020
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Is this game still in development? It looks really cool
started by saeltny Sep 08, 2019
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